Map of Waters in Newark Area

blue circle  Day Ticket Waters also available for match bookings
Day Ticket £4 payable to on bank to bailiff ( No Concessions )
Map of waters

C and D
Power Station and Fletchers Weir Fields

Dyke in Winter
Dyke in Winter

Access is via Long Lane which is the road first right after the Lord Ted pub roundabout. Go straight over the mini roundabout until you reach the river.

There are 65 permanent pegs installed 30 yards apart, using flat Matlock stone in the form of steps to accommodate varying water levels. Pegs in the Newark dyke (from 14- onwards) are less affected by flood conditions due to the largest volume of water passing over the weir.

There is a road behind to provide parking behind every peg. Please park sensibly off the road to allow access for others.The largest Barbel known from this stretch weighed 15lbs. 2oz. Carp to 25lbs. plus have been caught and a large shoal of Bream inhabits the stretch. Roach, Chub (to 6lbs.) and Perch predominate. Barbel are increasingly being caught all along the stretch


E, F and G
Fletchers Stone Fields, Hudsons Bay and Nettles

Dyke in Winter

Access is first right after the large roundabout near the Lord Ted pub. Turn right at the mini roundabout and follow the road into the car park atthe end of the un-surfaced section.

This comprises 30 permanent pegs as described above. Mixed fishery as above with a large shoal of big bream frequently located. All the pegs here are also flat Matlock stone in the form of steps.

G - Nettles is short section, park as above for E & F


Devon Mouth

Park on the path at the side of the hedge or in the approach to Dorner Avenue at the weekends.

Walk across the field, or go up Dorner Avenue and access the field by the footpath between the houses.

Good mixed fishery worth the walk across the field.


Crow Trees

Crow Trees

Access is over Mill Bridge off Millgate, park on left and walk over the stone bridge.

Good mixed fishery, particularly in the colder months.


Capps Field

Capps Field

Backwater with no boat traffic. Barbel and Chub predominate.

Access to this stretch is the same as for the Crow Trees.


Red Bridge

Red Bridge

This is a very prolific stretch with a large mixed fish population including Barbel and Carp

Most pegs here below the Marina bridge are in Matlock flat stone again 30 yards apart.

Access is over the footbridge at the Aldi supermarket with parking in a £1 per day car park adjacent to the footbridge. This takes you to peg1, Alternatively turn right into the road to Homebase and Currys at the bottom of the railway bridge. Take the first turn right and drive up to the barrier in Hoval works which will lift and drive through the works turning right up to the end of the tarmac road. Park at the end of the road and take the short public footpath and across the Elbow Bridge. This leads you to pegs in the 30’s.


P and N
Crankley Point and Tubular Bridge

This was for years the best stretch on the Trent. Access to the water and the exodus from the Trent mean it is now not fished so much. It is now possible to park under the A1 bridge at Winthorpe by driving along the bank at Winthorpe Rack (where parking is allowed behind the pegs)

Walk upstream from the car park. There is a huge shoal of Bream opposite the point where the main river joins the Dyke.

There are large numbers of Chub below the old outfall below the confluence of the Trent and Dyke.

For Tubular Bridge access is the same as Crankley Point above.


Winthorpe Rack

Winthorpe Rack

Access is immediately over the Winthorpe Railway Crossing over a cattle grid.

Drive over grid and park in the field behind your peg.

A mixed fishery with a Big Bream shoal, Barbel and Chub plus the occasional carp.

This is a good stretch when the water level is up, particularly for Barbel.


A and B
Sheldons and East Stoke

East Stoke

A- Sheldons. Members only.   Available for Match Bookings

This is a members only stretch located in Stoke Park, adjacent to B East Stoke. Access is down the lane opposite the Mouchaka Indian restaurant at the traffic lights in East Stoke. Approximately 100 metres down the lane there is an access between 2 buildings denoted by the sign “Fishing”.

B - East Stoke. Members only.   Available for Match Bookings

This is a stretch on the Trent south west of Newark. Access is at a locked car park between the villages of Farndon and East Stoke on the A46 Newark to Nottingham Road.

There are 26 pegs on Matlock Stone stepped platforms 30 yards apart. This is a fast section of water on the inside of a slow bend with a good depth close in.

Barbel, Chub, Roach and Bream thrive and Barbel well into double figures are regularly caught. Good roach weights are possible in favourable conditions.




This stretch is on the west bank of the river. No day tickets are sold but match bookings can be made.

Access is through the new power station currently under construction. Turn right immediately over the level crossing into the power station road.After 100 metres just prior to a barrier across the road that is normally raised, turn right down the lane then through a pair of metal gates. There is a car park at the end of the lane.

A number of fishing platforms constructed from recycled plastic that looks like wood start about 40 yards upstream to the right.

The fishing is particularly good when there is extra water in the river. There is a good head of Roach. Skimmers and Bream plus Chub and some big Perch.



Kelham Kelham

This is a particularly beautiful stretch of river on the old non-navigable part of the river that is accessed through the headquarters of the Newark & District Sherwood Council.

The banks have been improved using the Matlock stone as on our other lengths of water. The fishing is superb on the right day as Barbel are prolific with specimens well into double figures, although not easy to land. There are numbers of large chub and quantities of Roach and Dace plus Carp over 20 lbs. that are occasionally landed.

The use of keepnets for Barbel is not permitted.

A limited number of day tickets are issued by post only.

A very limited number of matches are only allocated to local clubs.


Tidal Trent

We have 2 stretches of tidal Trent. At Girton there are approximately 30 pegs available to members only, but Match bookings can be made. A number of the pegs here border the access road and we are investigating improvements to the accessibility of the others.

The second stretch at Cottam is only fishable by members.


Upper Witham

Members only are permitted to fish this length between Doddington Lane Bridge and Long Bennington. Outside clubs are occasionally permitted to run matches on this water.

The fishing on this water can be excellent under the right conditions particularly when some colour is present. Roach ,Chub and Dace are normally caught plus some surprisingly large Pike for such a small river. A wandering shoal of big Bream also inhabit the length, occasionally minnows can prove a nuisance when using small baits.


River Devon

This is a day ticket water adjoining Devon Park. It is a very productive length for roach in the winter months when the fish tend to migrate from the upper reaches of the Dyke and Trent. It is also popular with Pike anglers.


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